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ARTEC S.p.A. is a leader company in Italy in the production of a complete equipment for Plasma and thermal spray.

Our products are the result of 10 years experience in thermal spray sector as supplier of the most important italian companies.

ARTEC S.p.A. company is able to supply its customers with complete equipment according to the applicable manifacturing law. Namely in the sector of the process’s automation, of industrial sound-proofing (pulling down of the noise), noxious emission checking (smoke, powder, gas), fire prevenction to improve work environmental condictions, the safety level and to optimize the equipment capability.

If your are looking for quality, we can give you the solution that match the specific industrial strategy you’re pursueing.
Quality of the project, quality of materials, quality of automation, of ergonomics, safety and health in the workplace. And we can do everything with an unbeatable quality/cost ratio because we know and work on every single level of the whole process.

Artec develops processes in house, transfers technologies to the customers, supplies turn-key equipment, high quality components, spare parts, services and training for the personnel. So, if you need to start up a production with guarantee on quality and productivity, you will probabily want the advise of a high tech experience.


  • Customized solutions

    Single, perfectly customized solution for the challenge we had from our client
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    Supply to customers complete coating solutions
  • Since 1993

    Coming from 35 years engineering experience