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Artec innovations

Every equipment is a new challenge

Precision, power, control, quickness, ergonomical, safety and reliability. There’s always something to improve, we know it and we will.

Torche 45°

Thanks to the characteristic of this coat it's possible to coat, changing the coating angle, continously without disassembling the torche.

Torche "Jump"

This torche allows high productivity, high yeld and very low noise. The high quality of the arc, the high constance of the arc allow long life of the nosels.




Powder feeders

The new concept of these powder feeders allows the constancy of feeding powders. The easy construction gives to the customers a very easy maintenance.

Power generator

This new generator is characterized by know-full setting tension, so is able to have a constant arc on the torche, and consequently allows a high quality coating and long life for nosels. Least but not last the nominal power can be used forever.

Next innovation:

New powder injector

Artec is testing a new powder injector, with new very interesting results: the fluid dynamic characteristics are much longer than the best  powder injector on the market (at the moment 10 times more) with a much less increasing of the costs.