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Thermal Spray Coating CabCoat - HVOF system

artec hvof thermal spray systemHigh Velocity Oxygen Fuel (HVOF) is one of the most commonly used spray coating process which is typically suited for a wide range of applications like wear resistance, corrosion resistance, dimensional restoration etc. in various industries.
CabCoat - HVOF guns in general produce high velocity flame to apply coatings with low operation cost.

CabCoat - HVOF spray system is composed by

Spray core
Spray elements which constitute a thermal spray solution. Gun, Supervisor, Power supply, Gas panel, Powder feeder

Handling elements for work piece managing: Robot, Tilting, Carousel

Peripheral elements for environment and work space protection: booth, ventilation and filtering

Diagnostic element for fast working setup and troubleshooting: SprayWatch, Tele-service


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