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Plasma Spray ShellCoat - VCS and ShellCoat - LPCS systems

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high productivity at low costs

ARTEC has developed its own ShellCoat - LPCS and ShellCoat - VCS systems with customized automation and control software.

Our ShellCoat - LPCS system with Main-chamber, pre-chamber and post-chamber combined with advanced automation gives you the maximum productivity achievement, while one piece is offloaded, another one is under coating and one more is loaded to be the next at the same time. The CNC interface has completely new software with advanced features for use and maintenance.

Our ShellCoat - VCS system with special designed vacuum chamber combined with outside chamber part handling drive mechanism gives you the advantages of low cost maintenance with improved accuracy. The operator interface is easy to use and can record all relevant data for proper quality management.

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Vacuum sprayed coatings has never been so cheap

Specifications of the main gas turbine and aeronautic engines OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) require the deposition of the coating by low pressure plasma spray (ShellCoat - LPCS) or vacuum plasma spray (ShellCoat - VCS) in order to achieve high density coatings with lowest oxide content.
Nevertheless, due to the high investment and operational cost of these spray methods, these technologies are addressed to find cheaper alternative solutions.

ARTEC took this challenge and presents now a new generation of ShellCoat - LPCS/ShellCoat - VCS systems, developed by the state of art of coating machinery, designed with the latest technology to achieve highest degree of automation, together with, low investment cost and time saving when operating.


ARTEC offers a complete service to revamp your existing ShellCoat - VCS or ShellCoat - LPCS system in order to improve productivity with specifically designed automation and software updates.

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